• 1.I'd like to contact the customer service center.keyboard_arrow_up

    If you contact us through the Kakaotalk channel, we can respond to quick chat consultations.

    + Available hours for Kakao Chat consultations: Weekdays (Monday to Friday) 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

    + Customer Center phone number: 02-2252-6767

    + Customer Center email: cs@damda.com

  • 2.I'd like to modify the membership information. keyboard_arrow_up

    You can modify member information such as my account > my information > address, contact information, etc.

    However, the ID cannot be modified. If you want to change your ID, you have to sign up with a new ID after you leave.

  • 3.Unable to sign up with Kakao account / Facebook account. keyboard_arrow_up

    If the email address of your Kakao account is the same as the email address you subscribed to at the existing Seoul Mall (www.seoulmall.kr), you cannot sign up and log in to your Kakao account because the system recognizes you as an already subscribed account

    In this case, please log in with your existing email. If you want to log in with your Kakao account, you can log in with your Kakao account after you withdraw from the membership.

  • 4.I can't remember the password keyboard_arrow_up

    At the bottom of 'Log In', click the question 'Forgot your password?' and enter your email address when you sign up.

  • 5.I'd like to change the shipping address keyboard_arrow_up

    +If a delivery address change is required before ordering. For existing customers, you can change your account > shipping address > add or modify your address. If you are a new member, you must add a shipping address to set the default delivery address.

    + If delivery address change is required after order/payment is completed, If you contact Kakaotalk channel or customer service center, we will help you change it. However, if the delivery information mail is sent, the delivery address cannot be changed.

  • 6. What does the billing address mean? keyboard_arrow_up

    The billing address is the billing address of the payment card, and it doesn't affect our usage, so please feel free to set the same default as the shipping address.

  • 7.I'd like to know the reason for the delay. keyboard_arrow_up

        1. Unconfirmed deposit: Please check if the payment has been completed, not waiting for the deposit.

        2. Delivery delay: Please inquire about the delivery schedule after checking the courier.

        3. Missing recipient and delivery information: Please check whether the product is returned and request it to be sent again.

        4. Not stated in product option: Please write down the product option correctly at the order stage.

  • 8.An error occurred when paying. keyboard_arrow_up

    Please check the errors that occur frequently as below.

    In case of any other payment errors, please contact the Kakaotalk channel or the customer service center to help you check further.

    [Frequently occurring payment errors]

    1. Time out: A temporary error causes payment to exceed time, and attempts to re-pay after a while.
    2. Card information error: Check card number, password, CVC information
    3. Installment months: Check card, gift card, or corporate card can only be paid in a lump sum
    4. Error in payment service, such as safe click and ISP payment: Inquiries about the relevant card company
    5. Card error: If the limit is exceeded (low balance) or suspended from use, etc
  • 9.How can I cancel my order? keyboard_arrow_up

    If you want to cancel the order, please contact the Kakaotalk channel or the customer service center and we will help you process it quickly.

    You cannot cancel the order after shipping the product, so you have to apply for exchange/return within 7 days of the delivery completion date.

    Exchanges/returns because of a simple change of mind shall be borne by the customer.

  • 10.I paid with a credit/check card, how can I get a refund? keyboard_arrow_up

    √ Credit card will be refunded due to cancellation of approval, and debit card will be transferred to card account after cancellation is completed.

    If the card is canceled after the card billing process is completed, the card payment will be charged and refunded by the credit card company in the following month.

    The credit card company will take care of the cancellation of the approval and restoration limit, so please contact the credit card company for the refund method and date. If you cancel partially, you may need to pay again depending on the credit card company.

    ※Credit/Check card refund required period: 3–5 business days (based on business days)/Check card will be deposited to the relevant account after cancellation of approval.

  • 11.When can I use the points ? keyboard_arrow_up

    Estimated points will be accumulated after product purchase is confirmed, and you can use as many points as you purchase the product.

  • 12.How do I withdraw from membership? keyboard_arrow_up

    You are receiving applications for withdrawal from membership via e-mail, and if you send me your registration ID (email) and name at cs@damda.com as a withdrawal request, I will help you with the process after checking.

    If there is no order in progress (delivery in progress, return/exchange in progress), please apply for withdrawal.

    If you apply for withdrawal from a member while there is an ongoing order, the order is omitted before shipping, or the order and delivery cannot be confirmed, so please check if there is no order in progress and request withdrawal.

    *Damda is not responsible for any problems caused by this. You cannot re-subscribe for 7 days after withdrawal, and you cannot transfer the existing usage details. This ID will be permanently suspended, so only new IDs will be available.

  • 13.How do I register for exchange/return ? keyboard_arrow_up

    If you want an exchange/return, please contact the Kakaotalk channel or the customer service center.